This program is run by TC International and has been running since 2005.

The unique thing about this program is the fact that Cash (yes, that is really his name) talks to all of your prospects and CLOSES ALL OF YOUR SALES.

This is a 1 UP System. What this means is you ‘Pass Up’ your first sale to your sponsor. If you are not familiar with this process, it sounds like a bad thing but it really isn’t. The good thing about it is that ALL OF YOUR MEMBERS (except VIPs) will Pass Up their first sale to YOU — creating a residual income flow. View an explanation of the 1 UP system here.

Your only job is to market the ID number that you are given when you join the program. They provide you with an e-book of approved advertising resources and work with you to come up with a marketing plan that will work for your budget. Of course, once you start receiving GIFTS, you should allocate a portion of each one to advertising.

You will also receive a POSTCARD CAMPAIGN with your enrollment. This should get you off to a good start. Details and benefits of each Level can be found on the website. The most popular level with this program is $7000 with 68% of all enrollments at that level. So, if you want a serious income from your gifting activities, you should join this program and join at the $7000 level. If you cannot afford that right now, you can always upgrade at a later date.

This is pretty much a “turn key” program. Other than the marketing that you choose to do, there are No Additional Fees with this program. Cash will call or email you with the Fed Ex Tracking Number so you will know when to expect a package.


$3500 (Level 2), $7000 (Level 3), $15,000 (VIP).
NEW! The Pass Up requirement for VIP members has been discontinued!

Because the admin closes all of your sales, they receive a commission from each enrollment which is referred to as the Admin fee.

NEW! The admin fee now includes the cost of a postcard campaign. Check the website for details.

Also, be aware that you can only receive GIFTS at the level that you join. If a prospect comes in at a higher Level, the difference will be “rolled up” to your Inviter. This feature is also the source of another stream of residual income when your members have gifts roll up to you.


View some testimonials here: www.extremecashdaily.com/testimonials/

MY Testimonial 03-28-2014


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